About Us

Founded in 2005, PREVIEW is a group of companies based in the United Arab Emirates. It specializes in trading IT and electronic products from leading manufacturers with top brands. Successfully exported and distributed in the Middle East, North and West Africa as well as Central Asia for the last 15 years.

We have a hands-on approach in dealing with all stakeholders. Speed matters so we respond swiftly to our customers to ensure their satisfaction.

PREVIEW has partnered with many reputable companies, distributors, dealers and resellers from different countries to channel its product line to target market particularly the professionals. Such strong collaborations have given us a significant access to other territories across the globe.


Our strategy

Vision Statement

To help improve the lives of many people by providing affordable world-class IT products, of well-known reputed global and homegrown brands, by consistently embracing four (4) business values -- reliability, integrity, quality and commitment.

Mission Statement

To be one of the leading providers of high quality IT products in the world, by creating values responsive to the needs of time, and by building good relationships with and offering opportunities to our investors, ecosystem partners, employees and customers.


We are serious in business so we mean what we say by doing things right at the right place at the right time to satisfy you.


Our products meet the high standard quality set in the industry and the services of our team members are world-class.


Integrity is the heart and soul of our company, and the mantra of every team member, that makes our customers happy.


We have an unwaring commitment to deliver our promises and do our job with excellence, as we stay dedicated to our mission.